Jun 09

I’ve been following Dishonored since it was first announced, but it’s a title that’s been easy to overlook until now because it’s a new IP. Let that sink in: amidst a storm of sequels and reboots in the gaming industry, here we’re seeing a truly new idea walking into the gale.

Dishonored is a simple revenge story, and that’s not where Arkane Studios is spending the midnight oil. The game is, in essence, a simulation and things within the world are intended to behave by the rules of that simulation. Except for the player character getting to bend the rules, of course. Summon a horde of ravenous plague rats, they’re going to go after anything with a pulse, even you.

They’re showing off gameplay that reminds me of the lead-up to Bioshock — play your own way. This looks to be more open-worldsy than the undersea classic, which could be either boon or bane. I’m very excited to see what comes from this.

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